Name/Title: Choose a Number

Purpose of Event: To pick students to pick up equipment, answer questions, line up, or in any situation when have things to do and too many hands in the air to choose from.

Prerequisites: Students must know their grid numbers which are given the first day of school.

Suggested Grade Level: 5-6

Materials Needed: Slips of paper with a different coordinate listed on each. Container to hold the paper.

Description of Idea

Students are placed in personal space spots on the first day of school. Their spot corresponds with a number and letter that is posted on two walls. Numbers are across the front of the gym and letters are down one side of the gym. These are their coordinates on a grid.

When I want the students to answer questions, line up, or do anything special, I choose a piece of paper out of the container and call out the coordinates. The person who is assigned to that personal space spot is the one who gets to perform the choosen activity or answer the question. Since every class uses the grid system, I only have to have one set of coordinates. The students get so excited when I pull out the container.

It is important to use this idea cautiously as you certainly don't want to keep having the same students picked each time so make sure you tell the kids that you can choose a different coordinate if the same person keeps getting chosen.

Teaching Suggestions:

The first day of school, after I assign the personal space spots, I call out each set of coordinates and have the students stand up when theirs is called. This showns me that they know their coordinates. You can call them out again and have them sit when their number is called.

Submitted by Jana Simmons who teaches at Smithfield Elementary in North Richland Hills, TX. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/16/2003.
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