Name/Title: Health Jeopardy

Purpose of Event: To allow students to test their knowledge on a previously taught health chapter.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-12

Materials Needed: Bowl filled with water and a sponge, or a magnet, Tape of "Jeopardy" theme music, tape player, overhead projector, and two blank overhead sheets.

Description of Idea

Before the students get to class, draw a jeopardy board on the chalk or dry erase board. Each column on the board can represent a topic from the health chapter being reviewed. Make five squares in each column and number these squares one through five starting at the top.

The students will be divided up into two teams. The first person will come up and stand 5 feet away from the board. If you are using a chalk board then use the damp sponge if you are using a dry erase board then use a magnet, both work great!

The student will toss the object at the board, and depending on where it lands, that student must answer a question from that category. The difficulty of the question will be determined by which number is hit, 1 being easy to 5 being difficult.

If the student answers the question correctly he/she will receive those points for their team. If the question is missed then someone on the other team may quietly raise their hand and answer the question for half the points.

Once everyone on both teams have gone or when all the numbers have been hit then final jeopardy will conclude the game. Both teams will get into a huddle and on the blank overhead sheet they will write down their wager of points. The final question is then given, and the students write their answer on the sheet. While they are thinking of the answer, to make things even more fun play the theme music to Jeopardy. Once the music stops, collect each teams sheet. Put the team who is trailing in points on the overhead projector. Show their wager and reveal their answer, then do the same for the other team. Once both answers have been shown, reveal the answer to the question and declare the winning team.

Assessment Ideas:

Write down how many questions from the chapter the students actually got correct. This will show their grasp of the content that was taught.

Submitted by Eric Brubaker who teaches at Bedford Middle School in Bedford, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/14/2003.
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