Name/Title: Switch Soccer

Purpose of Event: To teach students to look use both sides of the field in soccer.

Prerequisites: They should already have been taught some of the soccer concepts and skills.

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12

Materials Needed: You will need a soccer field, 2 soccer balls and scrimmage vests.

Description of Idea

Two teams (we prefer smaller number of players on a side so break up your class into several teams if you can) are on the soccer field playing keep away. Do not use the goals. The object is to keep the ball away from the other team. Once they understand this and have played it for a few minutes, tell them they are now going to concentrate on a 2nd objective.

The 2nd objective is to score, but not in the regular way. In order to score you must kick the game ball into the 2nd soccer ball that is placed on the field. As they are playing keep away, the teacher places the 2nd soccer ball on the opposite side of the field (If the students are near the right sideline the teacher places the 2nd soccer ball near the left sideline.)

When the students notice this, they will switch the field of play to the other side of the field. When a goal is scored the teacher picks up the 2nd soccer ball, the students begin playing keep away again and the teacher places the 2nd soccer ball on the opposite side of the field. If it is taking too long for a goal to be scored and the field of play needs to be switched, the teacher should pick up the ball and take it to the opposite side of the field and place it on the field.


Instead of a soccer ball as the second target use a cone or a plastic jug or something that is a bit bigger.

Consider using a signal that the teacher uses that tells them to switch the field. Teachers may want to yell switch and that would make them less reliant on the other piece of equipment.

Assessment Ideas:

End of class discussion: Ask the students if they know why you kept picking up the ball and taking it to the opposite side of the field. Focus the discussion on the importance of using the entire field in soccer and not bunching up.

Teaching Suggestions:

You may want to have some sort of proximity rule for ball #2 that will not stall play as some kids may just come over and guard the ball after it has been in play for a while.

Submitted by Bob Wright in Richboro, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/28/2002.
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