Name/Title: Building a Food Pyramid

Purpose of Event: To review the concept of the food pyramid that has been taught by the classroom teacher.

Prerequisites: classroom discussion of the food pyramid; understanding the importance of a healthy diet

Suggested Grade Level: 1-2

Materials Needed: One parachute; lots of plastic fruit and small animals such as fish, pigs, rubber chickens, etc. (Laminated pictures of food products can be used, instead, or in addition.); jump ropes to make a pyramid on the floor; a hard copy of the food pyramid to use as a reference.

Description of Idea

I begin by a discussion/review of the food pyramid. This is a culminating activity which is performed after the food pyramid has been taught by the classroom teacher. I'm looking for understanding as to how the pyramid is split. Most every class can name all categories. We then spread the parachute out and I place lots of foods and rubber animals underneath. I call the children's names (individuals or small groups) to go under and pick one item while the rest of the group holds the parachute high in the air. After students retrieve items, they place them in our pyramid on the floor in the appropriate category. Once all food is collected, we leave the 'chute and go check on the accuracy of our pyramid using the hard copy as a reference.

Assessment Ideas:

Compare the food pyramid you create with the reference. Let students make any changes, if need be.

Submitted by John Gaddy in Raleigh, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/26/2002.
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