Name/Title: The Launch Board Catch

Purpose of Event: To provide young children with the opportunity to develop catching skills using a launch board.

Suggested Grade Level: PreK-1

Materials Needed: A launch board and a small ball, beanbag, or kooshball for each child.

Description of Idea

A great way to help young children achieve catching success is to use a launch board. When a child steps on one end of the board a beanbag on the other end flies into the air directly in front of the child. This gives the child a better opportunity to catch the object.

Teacher Instructions - "Place your beanbag on the low end of the board. Go to the other end, get your hands ready to catch by holding them out in front of you, then raise your foot and stomp on the end of the board. As the beanbag flies into the air in front of you, clasp your hands around the beanbag and catch it. You may also want to hug the beanbag to your body"

As children get better at catching they can be challenged with more difficult tasks. "See how high you can make the beanbag go and still catch it." Or, "See how many times you can clap your hands while the beanbag is in the air and still catch it."

Teaching Suggestions:

The following video clip is used with permission from the School of Physical Education & Exercise Science, University of South Florida. All rights reserved. 2007.

Submitted by Steve Sanders who teaches at Univ. of South Florida in Tampa, FL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/12/2008.
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