Name/Title: Pathway Dribble

Purpose of Event: To allow young children the opportunity to explore dribbling a ball with their feet

Suggested Grade Level: PreK-1

Materials Needed: Jump ropes or tape, balls (preferably slightly deflated balls so they don't lose control) to dribble with feet

Description of Idea

Set up the playing area with different length jump rope or tape pathways. Have the children get a ball and take the ball to the beginning of one of those pathways.

On the signal have the students use their feet to move their ball through the pathway using "soft touches" with their feet. Have them use both the inside and outside of their feet when they are dribbling.

Teaching Suggestions:

Submitted by Carol Totsky Hammett who teaches at St. Francis School in Bend, OR. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/3/2008.
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