Name/Title: Locomotor License (with Video & Assessment)

Purpose of Event: To have students practice locomotor skills and moving safely in general space.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: Locomotor licenses for each child. You can make a number of them on the computer or students can make their own as part of a classroom project. Students love making up their own "vanity plates" with their name or different word puns on it. Cones to define the playing area.

Description of Idea

After quickly reviewing what it means to travel safely in general space (move away from others--no crashes; move to all the areas; you can't follow anyone), introduce the activity by going over a few of the movement prompts found below.

Let students know the teacher will be the "police officer" who is looking to see that they can travel safely...and if they forget a "rule of the road", they will receive a mark on their license (a "ticket") for being an unsafe driver. If they receive 3 tickets, they will lose their license.

After handing out all the licenses, the students spread out in a self space around the gym and begin to move according to the prompt called out (i.e., bumpy road ahead means skipping, narrow road ahead means galloping, etc.):

If the teacher observes any student disobeying the traffic laws, then that student should receive a warning or a ticket by putting an X on their license. If a student receives 3 tickets their license is "revoked" (i.e., they sit out for a few minutes to observe how "safe drivers" travel).

This is a good activity during which to assess students' ability to correctly perform each locomotor movement or their ability to safely move through general space. Use our Teachers Cue Checklist Sheet to note information about each student's performance.

Ben Landers, the PE Specialist, has done a video showing his Locomotor License Test assessment he has done in conjunction with this idea. You can see his blog write up here and his video is below too.


Teaching Suggestions:

Stickers can be given to any student who is a safe driver the whole class period.

Use the "back to the wall" teaching strategy to accurately assess students.

Submitted by Kimberly Kennell who teaches at Arcola Grade School in Arcola, IL. Additional authors for this idea were Ben Landers. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/4/2022.
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