Name/Title: Hot Hoops

Purpose of Event: To work on jumping and landing skills and cooperation.

Prerequisites: Color recognition, listening skills, cooperation (sharing hoops), understanding of jumping and landing.

Suggested Grade Level: PreK

Materials Needed: Colored Hula Hoops

Description of Idea

Lay hula hoops out on gym floor, one for each child. The teacher chooses one color that is the "hot" hoop saying, "Red hoops are hot!" Any child standing in a red hoop jumps out and joins another child in a different color hoop. Teacher should place emphasis on children jumping off of two feet and landing on two feet when they jump out of the hoops. No more than 4 children should share a hoop at one time. When hoops are filled with children (4 per hoop) it would be time for the teacher to change the hoop color that is hot. Children would go back to their original hoop and the game begins again. Everyone is a winner!

Assessment Ideas:

Observe children as they jump and land and reinforce jumping cues. Also, observe children as they move to determine if they understand how to move safely within the movement space.

Teaching Suggestions:

In the beginning suggest that children not get into a hoop that has more than two children in that space. This will enable children to better use space and make sure that no children are standing in a hoop alone.

Submitted by Chrisi Dotson who teaches at Newport Covenant Christian Preschool in Bellevue, WA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/6/2002.
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