Name/Title: Pathway Movement

Purpose of Event: To assist young children in identifying pathways and to explore movement along those pathways.

Suggested Grade Level: PreK

Materials Needed: Colored Construction Paper, Tape

Description of Idea

Cut small footsteps (child size), arrows, dots, squares, and other shapes out of construction paper. It is strongly recommended to have these shapes laminated. Tape shapes on the floor in the movement area to form zig zag, curved and straight lines.

Ask children to move around the room and follow the teacher designed pathways made with the shapes. Children should be allowed to explore the variety of locomotor movements they can do while moving along the various pathways.

In addition to taping pathways on the floor in the movement area, tape them on the floor in the children's classroom.


Assessment Ideas:

Submitted by Steve Sanders Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/3/2008.
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