Name/Title: Sharks and Minnows Soccer Style

Purpose of Event: To have students practice dribbling and shielding a ball with control while someone else is trying to steal it from them.

Prerequisites: Students should have had practice at dribbling, trapping, shielding and stealing a ball while dribbling with feet.

Suggested Grade Level: 4-5

Materials Needed: One soccer-type ball for every 2 students, cones to mark boundaries if played outside.

Description of Idea

Randomly allow students to find a partner. Hand out one soccer ball to each pair. The player who starts with the ball will be the minnow. The minnow dribbles the ball around the gym or soccer field trying to protect the ball by dribbling and shielding it, trapping it to change directions, and to keep the ball in his or her control. The other partner is the shark, they chase only their partner who is the minnow and try to steal the ball with their feet. If the shark steals the ball they become the minnow and their partner becomes the shark. After a few minutes stop play and switch roles so that everyone gets a chance to play both roles.

Reminder to students: When foot dribbling, keep the ball closer than the distance of your fingertips when arm is extended straight out in front.


To extend the activity, have students find a new partner to practice the strategies they learned from the previous partner.

Assessment Ideas:

As a teacher ask yourself this question:

Which dribblers can keep ball close and whose are rolling away?

May want to revisit this skill if you notice a lot of problems.

Submitted by Kim Mays who teaches at Shipshewana-Scott Elementary School in Shippshewana, IN. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/12/2016.
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