Name/Title: Snowball Throw

Purpose of Event: This activity will give the students the opportunity to learn and practice the overhand throw at a target.

Activity cues: Depending upon the skill level and experience of children use appropriate throwing cues (see PE Central throwing cues)

Suggested Grade Level: PRE-K

Materials Needed: Cut snowman targets from large sections of cardboard and decorate by having students draw and paint on the cutouts. Tape snowmen on wall Plastic grocery bags (rolled into balls and taped) are used for snowballs. Use restraining line, such as a jump rope, to keep students about 5'away from the target.

Description of Idea

This activity brings the fun of throwing snowballs inside where it is warm, and no one gets cold! Students throw the "snowballs" at the snowman to see if they can hit different parts of the target.

Assessment Ideas:

Observation of technique

Success ratio of balls that strike the target

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Move target closer to the students if they don't have the strength to throw the balls to the target. Using the plastic grocery bags, you can roll the balls into smaller sizes for students with smaller hands. The rolled bags also allow for better gripping.

Submitted by Vera Shaver who teaches at Eastgate Early Childhood and Family Center in Louisville, OH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/14/2002.
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