Name/Title: Roller-skating Assessment

Purpose of Event: To assess students rollerskating abilities.

Suggested Grade Level: 4-5

Description of Idea

The assessment is a rubric I designed that covers the critical elements of the rollerskating skills that were taught.

I observe these skills/behaviors and record and at the end of skating they do the same checklist as a self assessment and then I compare theirs with mine.

Frequency is determined by me using tally marks when I see a student fall. When they fall I watch to see if they get up correctly according to the cues listed on the assessment sheet.

Some of the things I look for:

1) Knows/Does: Steps involved in standing up correctly
2) Falling down frequency and as to whether done correctly.
3) Do they get up correctly / incorrectly after a fall.
4) Stopping on the Signal: Always, sometimes, never stop on signal.
5) Special skills: backwards, corner crossovers, fluidity, going through cones.
6) Behavior: Keeps hands to self, doesn't bother others or make fun of others, skates safely, doesn't purposely fall down.

Submitted by Genni Lach who teaches at Harrison Elementary School in Lakewood, OH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/30/2014.
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