Name/Title: Nutrition/Consumerism

Purpose of Event: To learn about the consumer health aspects of nutrition

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12

Materials Needed: Bring to class a food package (bag of chips, Hostess cup-cake, Nutri-grain bar, etc.) paper, pencils, envelope.

Description of Idea

Students should be taught (during a Nutrition unit) that every food maufacturer must have the following information on their food's package (or label).

A. Name of Product
B. Name and address of manufacturer.
C. Nutritious information (calories, fat grams, etc)
D. Serving Size
E. Servings per container
F. Percentage of Daily Value

Students should be allowed to bring a snack to class. For this lesson, after enjoying their snacks, students are going to look for the name and address of the manufacturer. They will write down the names and the address of the manufacturer of the item they had eaten. From here, students will write a letter to the manufacturer. The students have the option to:

A. Compliment the company on the item.
B. Complain if they find something wrong.
C. Tell about why they chose this item. (Commercials, package color, taste, friends like it).
D. Make suggestion on how to make the item better.
E. Clarify anything else they feel the manufacturers should know (some even ask for free stuff).

The students will write the letter, put their name and return address on it, address an envelope and the school sends the letters out. (Students get a reply 99% of the time.)


Responses can be shared and analyzed.

Assessment Ideas:

Students are assessed on their letter. (How well it is written, how much time and effort they put into writing it.)

Teaching Suggestions:

I always check the letters before they seal the envelope to make sure it is a legit letter and not a joke. The students love it when they get a reply.

Submitted by Travis Earlywine who teaches at Paris High School in Paris, KY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/17/2001.
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