Name/Title: Healthy Happy Heart Booklet

Purpose of Event: To see if students understand various lesson outcomes related to the heart unit presented.

Learning outcomes addressed:

a) Heart Facts:

The heart is a special muscle which beats every minute to the day.
For a healthy body we need to work on keeping out heart healthy. We can do this by making choices - healthy food choices and keeping active and fit.

b) Children should be able to identify habits that lead to feelings of wellness vs. unwellness (pg. 2). They are to provide examples of aerobic activities (active habits) and healthy food choices, as was explored during the previous units of work.

c) Children should be able to recall that their heart is a big as their fist - and demonstrate this drawing outline of fist on sheet (pg. 3)

d) Children should be able to locate correctly position of heart within the rib-cage (e.g., slightly left of the middle) (pg.3)

SOURCE: Teaching for Outcomes, A guide for curriculum and assessment by Christine Hopple, Human Kinetics Publishers, 1995.

Suggested Grade Level: 1-2

Materials Needed: For the preparation of sheets: For page 1: Various clip art pictures were inserted. Pg. 2-4 - drawing on these sheets were drawn utilizing Paintbrush and the Microsoft Drawing tool bar.

Time Needed to Complete: Sheets 2 and 3 can be started during class time and then completed at home.

Description of Idea

Directions: The enclosed sheets were developed as part of an entire unit on health related fitness - with a focus on heart concepts. The children are to work through the various sheets as the unit progresses. They can personalize their own "Heart Booklet" and are to bring it in to physical education class.

Submitted by Marina Bonello Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 12/12/2018.
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