Name/Title: Rocky's Recycling Rescue (throwing practice)

Purpose of Event: Using a story from a popular kids show, Nick Jr's Paw Patrol, students will practice their throwing or tossing skills.

Prerequisites: Throwing and tossing skills.

The cues that we teach are:
Turn my body sideways, point to my target, step and throw.
Tic-toc step and toss

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed:
3-5 accordion mats standing up creating a circle
Yarn balls or similar items
Cones - create a boundary circle 5 ft outside of the mats to keep students from getting to close and dropping balls in.

Description of Idea

The students love playing this game and pretending to be their favorite pups from Paw Patrol.

Using the story and characters from Nick Jr’s Paw Patrol. The pups (students) wake up to garbage (yarn balls) littering Adventure Bay (where they live in the show). They have to use their throwing skills to clean up Adventure Bay. Students will throw the balls into the mats which will be called Rocky’s Recycling Truck. Inside the mats the mischievous Mayor Humdinger (2-4 students) from Foggy Bottom will be trying to throw the balls back out of the truck.

Rotate students every 2-3 minutes to give a turn in the mats.

Assessment Ideas:

Have students recite the throwing cues as they are throwing throughout the game. The cues we use are “turn my body sideways, point to my target, step and throw!” "tic-toc step and toss"

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

allow students to use a soccer throw-in style, or a 2 hand chest pass style to Throw" the ball. Allow them to get close to the mats and drop them in.

Submitted by Bryan Smith in Bridgewater, NJ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/9/2022.
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