Name/Title: Four Corner Capture The Gator Skin Ball

Purpose of Event: To work on throwing, catching, dodging, and evasion. It is similar to 4 corner capture the flag, but it has an additional twist.

Prerequisites: Make sure you have taught them throwing, catching and evasion skills.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Materials Needed: 16 Gator skin balls, or any soft balls
Cones to divide into 4 corner, and cones for a safe zone
Jerseys if you have them to separate teams

Description of Idea

This is a culminating activity after you have taught them about throwing, catching and dodging skills. This game is based on Capture the Flag game but with a twist.

*Divide the gym into 4 quadrants, with a safe zone in each corner.
*Add an even amount of gator skin balls to each corner.
*Divide teams up evenly
*The objective of the game is to get the gator skin balls to your safe zone
*You play regular capture the "flag" if you get tagged you go off to the side for a minute. I have them do a quick exercise or come talk to me for 30 seconds to tell me what they can improve on.
*Once in a safe zone you cannot be tagged.

Here is the twist:

*When you grab a ball you are allowed to throw it to your teammates, if the ball hits the ground it has to be returned to the safe zone, and the player that threw the ball goes to sideline, does an exercise and comes right back in.
*If the throw is successful, the person has free passage back to their quadrant, and a newly added ball to their team.
*If the person you throw the ball to drops it, both players do a quick exercise and come right back in.
*You can attempt to flee the safe zone and throw it from anywhere to your teammates.


Have the kids start with walking instead of running. Other locomotor movements (e.g., skipping, leaping, sliding, etc.) are great to have them do as well. Start off slow so you can teach them the keys to success as you observe them.

Assessment Ideas:

Prepare a written exit slip on what your main focus was for the lesson. It may be throwing, catching, working together or dodging.

Teaching Suggestions:

I found that in normal capture the flag with safe zones, students get trapped with no where to flee too, and stand for minutes at a time. With the gator skin balls they have an option to throw it to get in.I found this makes every single person in the gym engaged because they are defending, capturing, catching, throwing, and evading all at the same time.

Submitted by Cody Wright in Clinton, IN. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/27/2022.
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