Name/Title: Hula Hoop Bowling

Purpose of Event: To have student practice the motion of underhand throwing / rolling while using bowling as the motivator.

Activity cues: Underhand throw and bowling cues

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed:
Per small group:
1 cone
1 medium size ball to roll
4-5 hula hoops. See diagram below.

Description of Idea

Set-up (diagram is below in PDF file):

Students line up behind their cone. In front of their cone are 4-5 hula hoops in a line with 2-4 feet between each hoop. Students take turns rolling a ball at one of the hoops. If the ball stops inside a hoop, that student retrieves their ball and hoop. Hoop is placed around their cone and the ball is given to the next student. Teams try to collect all their hoops before other groups collect their hoops.

Alternative #1: After several rounds, after a group collects all of their hoops, they may try to collect other teams hoops.

Alternative #2: Instead of collecting hoops, place playing cards inside. If their ball lands inside their hoop, they collect the card, perform an exercise (student or teacher choice) the amount of time that equals the value of the card.

Alternative #3: Instead of teams facing the same direction when bowling, spread teams around the perimeter of the gym and have them roll at any hoop they wish, collect cards if successful.

Alternative #4: With groups spread around the perimeter, scatter hoops. Groups may only bowl for hoops the same color as their ball. They can either collect a card, or the hoop.

Hula Hoop Bowling Diagram and Set Up

Assessment Ideas:

Peer assessment from group member, self assessment (how many times they made ball go inside of hoop for accuracy), teacher can see how many times students make the ball inside hoop at certain distances.

Teaching Suggestions:

Do this activity and or any of the alternatives using different skills: rolling, throwing, kicking, striking (short and long implements).

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Different size balls or different balls for student to be able to roll, use of ramp to roll ball down, larger size hula hoops to increase success.

Submitted by Kyle Lindblom who teaches at Whittier Elementary School in Waukegan, IL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/10/2021.
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