Name/Title: Exercise Buck$

Purpose of Event: For students to learn the benefits of exercise while being physically active.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of how to perform assigned exercises.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed:
Per group: 1 hula hoop, dice, task card (spread around perimeter of the gym).

Middle of gym: 30+ cones or buckets, each with an index card with a benefit of fitness and point value written on it. Cones/buckets should be placed in middle of gym, with enough room for students to move around safely.

Teacher: Extra task sheets (see below for example task sheets) to provide students with new activities and "Exercise Buck$," which can be learning money, plastic coins, etc.

Description of Idea

Working in small groups along the perimeter of the gym, students take turns rolling the dice to see what exercise/task the group will perform together. After each student in a group has a turn, one student brings the card to the teacher and explains what exercises their group performed. The teacher will ask them to demonstrate how one exercise is performed properly. The teacher will issue them an "Exercise Buck" and a new task card. Groups will try to earn as many "Exercise Buck$," as they can. Throughout class, the teacher will give each group a new task card, so they can perform different exercises/tasks.

During the last 15 minutes of class, the teacher will rotate through the different groups, where they can buy a bucket. When groups buy a bucket, they bring the bucket and the exercise benefit card back to their group and read the card to the entire group. Each time a group buys a bucket, a new student gets to bring back the bucket and benefit card.

As students read through the benefits, they will also add up their point values listed on the card. After telling the teacher their score, groups will return their buckets and cards to the middle of the gym, to help set up for the next class.

Sheets to Download

Exercise Buck$: Directions & Set-up with Pics

Exercise Buck$: Gif Task Sheets

Exercise Buck$ Sheets


The "Exercise Buck" can be paper money such as ones used in classes, plastic gold tokens from the dollar store, or teacher created.

Exercise benefit cards work best when laminated for long time use.

Task sheets can list 6 or 12 activities on them. Activities can also include water breaks, giving compliments to other students, etc.

Larger space between groups and buckets to allow for safe movement. Task card activities can vary to fit their needs.

Assessment Ideas:

1) Groups read and discuss the cards they were able to collect. Groups share with the class the benefits that they think are the most important.

2) Students will out a Google Form discussing benefits of fitness.

Submitted by Kyle Lindblom who teaches at Whittier Elementary School in Waukegan, IL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/3/2021.
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