Name/Title: Jumanji Soccer

Purpose of Event: To work on basic soccer skills with team strategies and cooperative learning.

Prerequisites: Students must have prior knowledge of dibbling, passing, and defending soccer skills

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: 2 Soccer balls per team, 5 cones per team, 3 pins per team.

Description of Idea

Set up: Separate playing area to make large boxes for each team equal distant apart from each other throughout the playing area. Place one soccer ball in the middle of each box on top of a cone.

Teams: Separate class into teams of 3 or 4 and designate each team to a boxed area.

Game: The game is played in levels with increasing difficulty at each level like the game of Jumanji. The ball in the middle of the box is the jewel of the game. The game is played by having teams defend their jewel from other teams while having their own teammates try to knock down the jewels of the other teams.

Level 1- One teammate is assigned to be the offensive player and take the team ball away from their box to knock down the balls on the cones of the other teams. The rest of the team is not allowed inside of their team box but must defend their jewel from the outside. If a team’s jewel gets knocked over then the team is out of the round and strategizes their plan for the next round. (Offensive players are only allowed to shoot on one team and must move to another after each attempt to knock down the jewel.) Last team standing wins the round.

Level 2- A player is selected to be responsible for the jewel. (During Covid this is the sanitized player) It is their job to place it back on the cone for each round and in this round the team can choose anywhere in their square they would like to put the jewel. In this round each team will now choose 2 offensive players and the rest are to stay to protect the jewel as defense. Players are still not allowed inside the box. The offensive players must pass the ball to each other and work together to knock down jewels around the playing area. (They may still only take one shot on each team till there are only two teams standing but they must take turns taking shots.) Last one standing wins the round. (if it is taking too long for the jewels to get knocked down then the teacher may have multiple winners for the round)

Level 3- At this level the team may still choose where they would like to put their jewel inside of their box. 2 offensive players remain but one of the defensive players must be inside of the box and cannot play outside of the box. If you knock over your own jewel your team is out. The offensive players for this round may take as many shots on each team as they desire there is not a one shot limit this round. Last team standing wins the round.

Level 4- At this level the teams have a choice of how many offensive players or defensive players they would like to have. The team is given some time to strategize their next play. They must have both offense and defense, but they choose how they would like their team to play during the round. Only one player is still allowed inside of the box and the jewel may be placed anywhere within the box.

Level 5- The teacher chooses one of the teams to change into Rhino’s. Each of the remaining teams receive 3 pins to set up into their box. The pins represent lives. The new rhino team no longer protects a jewel but now their objective is to steal the ball away from the remaining team’s offensive players. Once stolen a rhino must find another offensive team to challenge. If a rhino is successful at stealing the ball, the team that was stolen from loses a life and puts down one of their pins and must go back to their box to start again. Last team standing with lives and jewel still in up wins the round.


To avoid elimination and instead of sitting out the team that knocks over the jewel gets a point and the game can continue for an allotted time.

Assessment Ideas:

Assessment may be done by exit slip or team check in.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Changing the types of balls, size of boxes, or number of teams.

Submitted by Jennifer Barnes who teaches at Unatego Elementary School in Unadilla, NY. Additional authors for this idea were Christina Butcher. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/4/2021.
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