Name/Title: Landmines Fitness Game!

Purpose of Event: To improve fitness levels of kids.

Suggested Grade Level: all

Materials Needed: Colorful cones or polyspots.

Description of Idea

The purpose of the landmines fitness game is to make exercises such as mountain climbers, high knees, plank jacks, etc. fun for students by adding a colorful element where they can take a break if they can guess the partner correctly each round. With so many different pattern possibilities chances of a student getting the pattern correctly are low but not impossible.

Click on link for video of the activity.

See Video (Opens new window to YouTube)

Assessment Ideas:

Ask about the probability of guessing the pattern for each "level" or you can assess students knowledge of proper mechanics for each of the exercises. For example, what is the correct form for the mountain climbers.

Submitted by Idrissa Gandega in new york, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/10/2020.
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