Name/Title: Ghostbuster Soccer

Purpose of Event: To have kids practice dribbling, passing, and some goalkeeping skills.

Activity cues: Inside of the foot pass Cues

Prerequisites: Introduction to the skills of foot dribbling, kicking for accuracy and goal keeping.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: 8 cones, balls for all but 8 students

Description of Idea

Cones are spaced along the perimeter of playing area. The cones are the ghosts. Each cone has a ghost keeper (goalie). Students foot dribble the ball randomly throughout the playing area and try to hit the cone with the ball. The ball should be kicked low and with the inside/outside of the foot (more of a pass) so as to hit the cone. Dribblers should be encouraged to fake the ghost keeper as a way to gain the advantage. After one shot at the cone, the dribbler moves on to another cone. Ghost keepers try to keep the cone from being hit by keeping their body between the ball and the cone. If the cone is hit the keeper and dribbler switch places.

Assessment Ideas:

Assess the quality of the kicks at the cones. Are students kicking wildly or making a conscious effort to knock the cones down? Assess the goal keeping by how well the ghost keepers keep their body between the ball and the cone.

Teaching Suggestions:

If two balls hit a cone simultaneously, the kickers decide who switches by doing rock-paper-scissors.

Do not let children kick the ball real hard as if taking a real shot in soccer.

Submitted by Natalie  Kilgore who teaches at East Cheatham Elementary in Ashland City , TN . Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/11/2000.
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