Name/Title: Volleyball Unit Plan

Purpose of Event: To teach students about the game and skills involved to successfully play volleyball.

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12

Materials Needed:
Volleyball Unit (Microsoft Word | PDF)
Any type of volleyball trainer balls (different size and weight balls are good to offer)
Volleyball courts and nets

Description of Idea

This is a 2 week unit plan, covering the skills of underhand serve, forearm pass, setting, blocking, and spiking. The unit plan also covers the introduction of the sport, rules and regulations, positioning. The last three days consist of modified game playing.

It is also good to revisit these skills throughout the school year as students will need much practice with these skills.

You do not need to include every section of this unit plan in your program. Sometimes less is more so feel free to just include parts. The unit plan is presented in an editable Word document format so you can make changes or additions.

Assessment Ideas:

Authentic assessment and instruction are used throughout this unit plan. Assessing students on their abilities to perform the sets of skills needed.

Teaching Suggestions:

Special Needs- If there is a student that doesn’t quite understand or is having a hard time because of learning abilities, I accommodate for them by having my TA or their aide help them through practicing the techniques.

English Language Learners- ELL students will be put in groups where there are other students who can help them understand English as they present information on the sport of volleyball. I will be using loud and clear words so that every student can understand the objectives, tasks, and concepts of the lesson. I will also be physically demonstrating each step on whatever set of skills is needed, ensuring each student is understanding of the objectives. I will use cue cards when necessary.

At-risk- Chunking or masking, repeated instructions, and prompting will be utilized with students requiring these supports.

Gifted- These students will help their group members who are struggling with the concepts and objectives on whatever set of skills is needed.

Submitted by Christian Smith in Blue Jay, CA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/29/2020.
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