Name/Title: Service Handball (for teaching Volleyball serve)

Purpose of Event: The purpose of the activity is for students to reinforce their skill of the underhand serve in volleyball.

Prerequisites: Students should have already had some skill practice time with the underhand serve.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-8

Materials Needed:
2 goals per game (I use soccer goals but any way of marking the goals works)
1 foam volleyball per game
Jerseys or wristbands for team designation

Description of Idea

Set up your class to have teams of about 3-4. The goal of the team is to pass the ball to teammates using the underhand serve. When a teammate catches the ball, they freeze and can only pivot to make a pass or shot at the goal. If the ball hits the floor, the opposing team gains possession from that spot. I do not allow students to guard the person with the ball. Guarding the ball carrier makes the underhand serve too difficult to perform. To make sure the students have a fair chance at scoring goals, I mark off a goalie box that only the goalie is allowed to occupy.


Changing the ball size to increase or decrease the difficulty.

Allowing 2-3 steps with the ball in hand. If the game is going slow, put a time limit on holding the ball.

As a lead up you could do a 3 vs 1 keep away game.

Assessment Ideas:

While students are playing the game, sometimes I use a checklist for the underhand serve. What I have also tried, is a self assessment at the end.

Teaching Suggestions:

Have students come up their own rules for the game as it is being played.

Submitted by Brandon House who teaches at Whittier Intermediate School in Blue Island, IL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/27/2020.
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