Name/Title: Teaching Active Listening and Speaking

Purpose of Event: To help teach students how to speak and listen properly in order to think at a higher level.

Suggested Grade Level: K-5

Materials Needed: 6 Posters (PDF)

Description of Idea

I use these at the start of the year and throughout the year to help teach my students how to speak and listen to each other. There are 6 posters. We go over each poster and discuss what an active listener is. We practice the different varations of sharing and pairing. We practice using the accountable talk terms. We spend at least a few minutes eeach class doing some form of the sharing and accountable talk. For students to get this, it needs to be done on a regular basis. As you teach these will want to walk around and monitor them as they are engaged in conversation.

You can choose which order you wish to start discussing these with your children. Just remember to spend time with these during the first half of the year.

Below are some featured posters and there are links to each of them as PDF's so feel free to print.

Poster Titles

Featured Posters (2/6)

Submitted by Charles Silberman in Laurel, MD. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/11/2019.
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