Name/Title: Baby Shark Cardio Drumming

Purpose of Event: To have students practice rhythm while maintaining a steady beat.

Prerequisites: I usually complete a rhythm lesson with just the drumsticks on the floor first. This is where I teach safety while using drumsticks on the floor.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed:

*One stability ball and base for each student.
*One base, 5 gallon bucket, laundry basket, or similar for the ball to sit on.
*Set of drumsticks, or lummi sticks for each student.
*Written Routine Steps (PDF)

Description of Idea

I teach a cardio drumming unit once a year; however, once the routine is taught it can be used as a warm up throughout the year. Can be used for grades 3-5 as well.

To teach the actual routine we usually sit in a circle and I teach the students the routine while they are sitting. This allows me to help any of the students are are struggling. This is where I also teach the students rhythm and how to count. I only do this at the start of the cardio drumming routine. I use this dance steps handout.

Below is a video of my kindergarten students performing the routine.

In addition, here is blog I wrote about this routine.

Teaching Suggestions:

I have taught numerous cardio drumming routines. I found it works best if "You", the teacher, teach the routine instead of showing the kids video. Keep the routine notes and/or videos next to you as you teach if needed.

Beach balls are a cheaper alternative to stability balls. In addition, you can cut a pool noodle into fourths and use these as drum sticks. If you have any students that have problems with keeping their hands to themselves, the noodle option is a solution to this issue. The third, fourth and fifth grade students loved to perform this routine as a warm-up.

Submitted by Jennie Graves in Addis, LA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/15/2019.
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