Name/Title: Same Ole 2 Step Dance

Purpose of Event: Students will perform the proper steps/movements of the line dance, Same Ole 2 Step facing 4 different walls.

Suggested Grade Level: 6-12

Recommended music: Same Ole 2 Step available on Spotify and Apple Music

Beginning dance formation: Students placed on the gym floor with girls in one line with a line of boys next to them alternating boys/girls/boys/girls.

Description of Idea

This activity is a 4 wall line dance that has been modified from its original choreography.

The dance begins after 4 sets of 8 counts in the music:

Step #1
Counts 1-8 Turn to the L stepping LRL and touching with the R foot next to the L (1-4). Reverse this turning to the R stepping RLR and touching with the L foot next to the R (5-8)

Step #2
Counts 1-8 - Step forward L and close R (1-2) Step forward R and close L (3-4). Step in place LRLR (5-8)

Step #3
Counts 1-8 With quick steps back up LRLRLRLR (1&2&3&4&). Grapevine to the L (5-8)

Step #4
Counts 1-8 Grapevine to the R (1-4) Step diagonally forward with L and close with the R (5-6) step forward with the R and 1/4 turn to the L and touch with the L

You are now facing the wall that had been to your L and will begin the dance again. Each combination will end with a 1/4 turn to the L.

On the 8th repetition of the combination only the girls sing in the song so only the girls will do the dance.

On the next verse only the boys sing in the song so only the boys will dance.

The song finishes with everyone dancing.

Video (YouTube)

Assessment Ideas:

Students can be assessed on their ability to remember the correct sequence of each movement and stay with the rhythm of the music. Consider an exit slip which lists the steps on the dance in random order and ask the students to number them in the correct order.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Students with cognitive challenges can do the dance without the turns, the grapevines can be changed to slides and the 1/2 turn to the L can be taken out so the dance can be done to the same wall.

Submitted by Brenda Goodwin who teaches at Missouri State Univ in Springfield, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/5/2019.
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