Name/Title: Flasketball

Purpose of Event: The purpose of this activity is to level the playing field by using a new game that everyone learns at the same time.

Prerequisites: Throwing/Catching footballs, Ultimate Frisbee rules.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Footballs, pinneys, basketball courts

Description of Idea

Flasketball is a combination of Football, Ultimate Frisbee and Basketball.

Rules of the Game

Points are scored by shooting the Football into the Basketball Net. All points are worth 1 point regardless of where they are scored from on the court.

Players who receive the football cannot move, only pivot, in order to throw the ball to a teammate.

All other players on the team may advance toward the basket, once a player receives the football, they must stop and look for another player (on their team) to throw it to on the court.

If the player receiving the football drops the pass, it is a turnover to the other team. (At that spot)

If the other team knocks a pass down or intercepts the pass, it is a turnover to that team. (At that spot)

Progressive Play

Phase 1. Divide your class into 4 even teams and hand out pinneys to each team. This may depend on the number of basketball courts, or half courts, you are able to use.

Assign each team a basket to practice the skills and lead-up game.

Allow each team to practice shooting the footballs into the basketball hoops for about 5 minutes. This is a unique skill so it takes some time for them to figure out how to get it into the basketball hoop. Hopefully you have at least 3-5 footballs for each team to practice with so they get a lot of practice.

Phase 2. Demonstrate, using 1 team, how to advance the football. Line up the team on the baseline.

One person has the football and cannot move from the baseline. The rest of the team can advance down the court towards their basket.

Once a teammate catches the football, they must stop in that place. If they drop it, the entire team must go back to the baseline and start advancing again toward their basket.
Once the team reaches their basket, they may shoot to score a point into the hoop. The team scores a point if it goes through the basket. If they miss, they may shoot again, ONLY IF THEY CATCH THE REBOUND. If the football touches the ground, they must go back to the baseline and start over.

Once your teams have watched the demonstration, allow each team to practice on the courts. 2 teams are on each court and each team has a football. They are overlapping with each other to score in their basket and I let them know this is good practice for when the game is played with 1 football. Give the teams about 5-7 minutes of practice this way, THEN:
Line up each team on the baseline, each team has a football and they are going to try and score as many baskets as they can in 5 minutes. At the end of 5 minutes, see which team has used the best strategy and scored the most baskets. Switch baskets on the courts and play again. You can use this lead-up game for grades 2-3 without switching to the offensive-defensive game. Grades 4-8 will want to move on or just start with the offensive-defensive game.

Phase 3. Play the offensive-defensive game of Flasketball (Grades 5 and ^ may be able to start here) Two teams start play on each court.

One team (Rock, Paper, Scissors) throw to the other team to start the game.

Once the game begins, follow the offensive-defensive rules as stated above.

Play 4 ~5 minute quarters, switching baskets after 2 quarter or every quarter. Enjoy the fun and excitement of this unique new sport for your classes !!!

Submitted by Mary Kerschbaum who teaches at Desert Sun Academy in Scottsdale, AZ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/23/2019.
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