Name/Title: The Roar Rhythmic Warm Up

Purpose of Event: To warm up to a student created rhythmic activity.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Music player.

Recommended music: Katie Perry song Roar

Beginning dance formation: Students in own space.

Description of Idea

After you teach your students these steps it makes for a great rhythmic warm up. I actually had the kids come up with the activities.

Students chose to start by doing jumping jacks, then when music changes, move into these other moves each change-Squats, Lunges Free Dance - we chose the floss, push-ups. Each move will repeat twice throughout the song. Use video below to help guide your students.

Video (takes you to YouTube)

Submitted by Joe Burton who teaches at Bass-Hoover Elementary in Stephens City, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 4/2/2019.
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