Name/Title: Movement Pathway

Purpose of Event: The purpose of this is to enhance students understand of movement pathways and locomotor skills. This activity not only serves as a fun thing for my students to do and a way to relieve extra energy, but it also serves as an assessment to me to see which students need more help on basic locomotor skills and pathways.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic movement pathways, locomotor skills and animal locomotor skills (i.e., leap, hop, spin, crawl, frog jump etc.,)

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed:

All optional and just depend on how you want to make your own pathway
- Laminated cut outs (Recommended)
- Floor tape
- Chalk
- Markers
- Packing Tape

Description of Idea

Full Lesson Plan Here (PDF)

This movement pathway is designed to reinforce locomotor skills, warm students up, and have fun! It can also be used as conditioning practice. How it works is I have placed laminated designs on the gym floor. I have a cut- out of a creek with stones in it. The stones say “hop” on them. The students must hop from stone to stone. Then they come across lily pads that say “frog jump” on each one, so they frog jump from lily- ad to lily- pad. I have cut out large snakes, with these, my students practice walking in a curved line. I also have campfires that say “jump,” so the students pretend to jump over them, a tent they “crawl” through, and a tree they lunge walk by. It is supposed to be like they are hiking. For my pathway, I chose a camping theme, but these can be done in any or no theme. See pictures below and in PDF of lesson plan for more pictures.

In class, my students are trained to immediately walk laps around the gym once they enter. I added these laminated cut- outs on the ground, outside of the boundary lines of the court. To keep these intact, I used clear packing tape. Students see the laminations and do the skill next to them. (I don’t allow my students on them because I want them to last as long as possible.) This activity incorporates S1. M1

Assessment Ideas:

Use a check sheet or simply observe to assess which locomotor skills students succeed and need improvement.

Submitted by Alison Strasser who teaches at Pangburn Public School in Pangburn, AR. Additional authors for this idea were Jenny Reaper. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/4/2019.
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