Name/Title: Yoga Pets Balancing

Purpose of Event: This lesson uses fun images to get students to practice balance, and learn about bases of support.

Prerequisites: Students will know body parts and how to hold balances on different numbers of bases of support

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: Find calendars and pictures of animals balancing. I found dog and cat calendars that showed the animals doing yoga poses.

Description of Idea

This idea originated when I got a cat yoga calendar as a gift. I found calendars for very little $ after the beginning of the year, and discovered more than cats. I found dogs and even sloths. This was just a fun and very engaging way to keep the kids interested and accomplishing balancing on different bases of support.

I call the lesson yoga pets. I mounted the pictures of the animals in yoga poses on tagboard and then laminated each card. I put the question beside of the animal on the card, How many bases of support? As a whole group, we copied the pose of each animal and talked about the bases of support. Later, students used these pictures in small groups and practiced and quizzed each other.

I also used smaller calendar pictures and made small sized flash cards and gave one to each student as they entered the room. (Instant activity). I then played animal moving music, or some fun moving song as the students traveled (using designated locomotor movements) from card to card on the floor and practiced the pose..

This was a fun, engaging, and learning activity. We even had names for the animals.

Assessment Ideas:

The cards could be used to ask students to show you the pose and to tell you how many bases of support to check for understanding.

Students can self assess using the cards.

Students can use peer assessing.

Students can use the cards in small groups, one being the teacher and the others doing activity.

Students who are unable to balance on some body parts can be given cards with poses that they can do.

Students can draw their own animal showing what bases of support they are using.

Students can use a doll figure to show the bases of support that they are seeing on the card.

Submitted by Deb Summers in Keedysville, MD. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/16/2018.
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