Name/Title: Fun Fitness Feats

Purpose of Event: Students will review components of fitness, (cardio respiratory, muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility). Students will practice taking their resting heart and and checking for target heart rate. Students will review sportsmanship and team building.

Prerequisites: Students will be able to locate the carotid artery and be able to count their heart rate. Prior knowledge of the components of fitness is helpful.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: 6 of each: hula hoops, gator ball, jump ropes, pictures of various stretches, print out of activities.

Description of Idea

Distribute equipment around the gym. In in each area, place 1 hula hoop, 1 ball, 1 jump rope, 1 picture of various stretches, and 1 list of activities.

Each group will have a list of 10 activities. Numbers 1-9 will be in a different order for each group. Number 10 is the same for everyone. Some activities, the ones that say, "total", can be divided among the group in any way. The activities that say, "together", must be done as a group.

Example of activities:

1. Perform 20 total push-ups
2. Each hold a 20 second wall sit
3. Perform 100 total jumping jacks
4. Toss the ball 20 times without a miss
5. Hula hoop 50 times total
6. Jog 3 laps together
7. Hold 3 stretches for 20 seconds each on both sides of your body.
8. Tell everyone in your group what is your favorite physical activity
9. Jump rope 100 times total

Assessment Ideas:

Practice finding heart rate before and after the activities. Explain how the harder you worked, the higher your number. Review the 4 components of fitness before the activity. After the activity, ask the students what exercises belonged in each category. This can be done on an index card for a quick assessment.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Inclusion class idea for students with physical disabilities:

Create a modified list of activities and pair up 1-2 peer helpers. Ideas include:
1. 5 wall push ups
2. Step over the pool noodle
3. Walk 1 lap together
4. Hold a stretch for 5 seconds
5. Roll/toss the ball
6. Give a high-5

Submitted by Lauren Rinker who teaches at Dr. Charles Drew Elementary School in Silver Spring, MD. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 1/24/2020.
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