Name/Title: Locomotor Delivery

Purpose of Event: To reinforce locomotor skills (walk, run, jump, hop, gallop, slide, leap, skip).

Prerequisites: Introduction of locomotor skills using cues (walk, run, jump, hop, gallop, slide, leap, skip). Thorough teaching of the cues that make up some or all of the locomotor skills.

Suggested Grade Level: 2-3

Materials Needed:
Locomotor skill cards (Word | PDF)
12 hula hoops
Optional: Music to enhance engagement

Description of Idea

The teacher will scatter the hula hoops within the activity area and place 8 locomotor skill cards (images down below too) inside the hoop upside down. The teacher will also assign students a “teammate” (Teammate A and Teammate B). Teammates will find a personal space near a hula hoop.

On a start signal, Teammate A picks up one of the locomotor skill cards and reviews the cues; then, hand the card to Teammate B. Teammate A will perform the locomotor skill within the activity area (approximately one minute) while Teammate B assesses (watches) their performance (looking for the cues). After the skill is performed, Teammate B discusses with Teammate A the cues performed EXCELLENTLY; and, the cues they think need improvement (approximately one minute)! Once the discussion is complete, Teammate B places the locomotor skill card “right side up” in the hula hoop.

On “another” start signal, Teammate B picks up one of the locomotor skill cards and reviews the cues; then, hands the card to Teammate A. Performance and assessments continue; and, the locomotor skill card is placed right side up in the hoop. Teammates continue this routine until all of the cards are facing “right side up”!

Please understand that I am not looking for a thorough discussion and full understanding of cues from each child. I just want them to focus on the cues and work with a partner. This allows me to look around to see who is getting the skills as well. We focus a lot on these cues in previous lessons so children have heard me use these cues a great deal.


Sometimes it helps to have fewer cues on the card so edit them with the Word version that is included.

Just have the kids focus on one cue at a time. Doesn't need to be all of them.

Submitted by Andrew Martin who teaches at Grahamwood Elementary in Memphis, TN. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/11/2019.
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