Name/Title: Jump Rope Skills-Yearly Growth Evaluations

Purpose of Event: The purpose of this assessment is to track student growth throughout a jump rope unit. Students accurately collect and record their own data using the journal.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Jump Rope Assessment Journal Microsoft Word (Editable) | PDF

Description of Idea

This assessment is a tool for teachers to demonstrate student growth for yearly evaluations. It is an example of a short cycle assessment for PE.

Students receive their own jump rope journal to use on each day of the jump rope unit (your choice as to how long this will be for your program). All of the skills to be learned and performed are listed in the journal.

Skills are separated into individual, partner, and long rope skills. The jump rope skills also become more challenging the further you get in the journal. Students track their progress during the unit by collecting and recording their own data for each date. This assessment allows for individualized instruction and participation. Students of all abilities can be challenged with this assessment.

Note: On the sheet the students record how many jumps in a row they can do for each skill. They track this data throughout the entire unit to see their progress.


This could work as a partner activity too. With the partner checking off or counting how many they complete.

Submitted by Kristy Chaffin who teaches at Floyd Elementary in Midland, MI. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/16/2018.
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