Name/Title: Team Dribble Shoot and Score

Purpose of Event: To review basketball dribbling and shooting skills.

Prerequisites: Students should have had previous lessons on how to dribble a basketball under control and how to protect the ball.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed:
Basketballs (at least 16, you can have more)
Poly spots (one per student)
4 different colored sets of jerseys
Basketball hoop with modified targets
1 large bucket/garbage can

Description of Idea

SETUP (see images of gym below):

- Students will be organized into four teams; each team will be wearing a different colored jersey. You can make teams smaller as well as small sided games are better but it depends on your space.
- Poly spots should be scattered throughout the basketball court but not in the basketball key
- Three out of four teams will find a spot to stand on (they will be the defense)
- The fourth team will line up on the endline (they will be the offense)
- Create a modified shooting target and place on ONE of the basketball hoops (I have this product) but you could attach three hula hoops together to creat something similar
- Place three hula hoops labeled 3-2-1 behind the shooting target. This will be where students place the basketballs after they score a point
- Place one large bin off to the side


- On "go" the offense will dribble the basketball from one endline to the other. Their goal is to maintain control of the basketball and protect it from the defensive players. When students make it into the basketball key on the other end, they can shoot it into one of the targets. If a student misses he/she can continue shooting until they make it in or until a defensive player gets the rebound. After a student makes it in, the basketball will be placed in the appropriate hula hoop (if they make it in the target worth 3 points they would place it in the hula hoop marked 3)
*Depending on how large your teams are, you could have all students dribble at the same time or have them take turns
- The defensive players are trying to knock away/take the basketball from the offense. Defense must keep one foot on the spot at all times and the spots are not able to move. If a defensive player gets the basketball, they should quickly carry it to the sideline and place in the bin so that the ball is out of play. That student will then return to his/her spot.
*Teach/review students defensive stance and how to appropriately take the basketball away from offense
- The round is over 1) after 2 minutes OR 2) if there are no basketballs left


Teacher quickly counts how many basketballs are in the 3 point hoop (what is 3x8?...24, then continue asking the math problem based on what the team scored)


The team currently on offense will collect the basketballs out of the hula hoops and return to the endline, choose a student or two to get the basketballs taken by defense and return to the endline. Then announce which color team is next and have them switch positions.

Images of Set Up:

Assessment Ideas:

Dribbling form: Are students able to maintain control when defense is involved?

Defensive stance: Are students able to appropriately take the ball from offense or are they slapping at hands/arms.

Submitted by Kelsey Maxwell who teaches at Veterans Memorial Elementary School in Norwich, CT. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/14/2018.
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