Name/Title: Frisbee Throwing Station Ideas

Purpose of Event: To introduce frisbee throwing to students and give them some time to independently practice their throws, while also challenging themselves at each throwing station.

Activity cues: Point - Cross - Step - Flick

Prerequisites: None needed - but prior instruction or practice is always beneficial.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed:

Foam Frisbees 1 per every 2 students (you can use real ones, but for safety I recommend foam frisbees for early learners)
4 different frisbee throw station setups
Frisbee Golf Throw - golf goals + 3 frisbees
Kan Jam - 6 buckets + 3 frisbees
Pin Knockdown - 3 bowling pins + 3 frisbees
Partner Throw - 6 polyspots + 3 frisbees
*You will need something to designate a throw line as well, I use lines that are already on the floor in my gym, but you can use a jump rope or tape if you don't have pre-existing lines or if you are outside.
Diagram of Lesson (PDF)

Description of Idea

Note: I complete this lesson with my K-2 students, but use the same cues for my 3-5 students and sometimes let them participate in the stations as a warm-up activity as well.


Demonstrate a correct frisbee throw - explain the cues (see video below for an example)

Frisbee Cues: Point - Cross - Step - Flick


Have students partner up and practice throwing frisbee with a partner for about 3-5 minutes while you go around and offer feedback and refinements as necessary

Station Activity (see video below for an example):

Demonstrate each station for students and explain how there are 3 levels of difficulty at each station (Easy, Medium and Hard).

You can allow students to self assess to determine where they want to start (easy, medium or hard), but you could also have everyone start at the easy challenge and once they complete it they move up to the medium and then the hard.

Once students complete the hard challenge 3 times, I like to have them become a peer coach and help their friends by giving them some tips on their throwing technique.

Here’s a Video of the Throwing Demonstration and Station Overview:

Diagram of Setup:


If you don't have the same equipment just use what you have to create a target of any kind (hula hoops, cones with tennis balls, etc.)

Adjust the distance to make it easier.

If frisbee throwing is too difficult you can have them throw a ball instead (I do this with my Pre-K students).

Modify as needed to help them be successful.

Assessment Ideas:

You can assess students on whether or not they are using the correct cues when throwing.

You can use a checklist to determine which students reached the hard level at each station

Submitted by Ben Landers who teaches at River Springs Elementary in Columbia, SC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/14/2017.
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