Name/Title: Safe Shoes for All

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Donated gently used sneakers in all sizes. See image below to see shoe rack.

Description of Idea

Many teachers have "spare" shoes for students to borrow, including myself. Often my students have no funds for shoes or are wearing shoes that are too small or they have forgotten their sneakers. The problem having extra shoes creates is that the shoes take up space and are difficult to display for students. I've used boxes, crates, shelves, etc. to try to address this issue. I have FINALLY found a great way to store the shoes, have them easy to find and spray them regularly! This rack (picture below) was headed to the dumpster at a local grocery store. It holds over 50 pairs of sneakers!

Each sneaker has the size on the heel and the shoes are in the bins according to size. Students go to the rack, find shoes and are able to participate in class. No lost time! I asked friends and colleagues for gently used sneakers. I did buy a few pairs when I found a great clearance sale. All are in great condition. I also have a basket of socks and a "laundry bag" for the used socks.

The sneaker rack is sprayed with sneaker spray regularly. The rack is wheeled in and out of the closet daily. It's amazing what is thrown away that could be of good use.

Submitted by Deb Summers who teaches at Fox Chapel ES in Germantown, MD. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 6/30/2017.
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