Name/Title: Fitness Jenga

Purpose of Event: To work together as a team and to work on their fitness/stretching.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of yoga moves and exercises chosen.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed:

Cones - 1 per group.
Large table for middle of gym or something to build towers on.
1 or 2 sets of Jenga blocks (depending on your class size). Jenga blocks will have activities written on them. (see pics below)
Mats for each group if available.

Description of Idea

I have large groups of students - 40+ - so I have 8 groups with 4 on each side and two buckets of Jenga blocks.

Students are placed in 4 - 8 groups (depending on class size). Put half of the groups at one end of the gym and half at the other end. Students will come up 1 at a time from each group - relay race style. They will pick a Jenga block out of the bucket and read it. They will place the block down on the table and will start to build the tower. Each student will go back (use different locomotor movements like skipping, leaping, sliding--no running) to their group and tell them what activity they need to complete. The group that is waiting are doing activities like jumping rope, making up their own dance, jumping jacks, etc. so they are staying active.

The activities can be chosen by the teacher ahead of time and written on the blocks. I have a third of them yoga moves/stretches, another third are muscle building activities, and the last third are aerobic type of activities. See pics below.

After the tower is all built, dump the blocks back in the bucket if there is still time and continue or go on to another activity.


Use locomotor movements for the travel between table and group.

Have group that is waiting being active with jumping rope, making up a dance, cooperative jumping jacks, etc.

Teaching Suggestions:

I chose grades 3-5 for this activity but I did this with grades 1-5 also. For Kindergarten, I spread them out along the edges of the gym and called on kids to come up and pick a block and then we did the activity as 1 big group since they would not all be able to read the blocks yet.

Submitted by Nicki Case who teaches at Marion Elementary School in Marion, KS. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/25/2017.
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