Name/Title: Throwing at the Moving Ducks Station

Purpose of Event: To be able to practice their overhand throwing techniques.

Activity cues: Step with the opposite foot.

Prerequisites: Previous practice on how to throw under/overhanded at a wall.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: Hula-hoops, a choice of all kinds of sizes of balls (yarn, gator skin, etc.), Hit The Ducks video (see below), projector, wall, and an iPad/computer.

Description of Idea

This idea makes for a great station for throwing. You might need more room for this station than the others but it will be worth it.

The video below will be projected on the wall for students at one station. An iPad or computer will project the visual (see below) on the wall for students to throw at. Students (small group) will form one line horizontally, 10-12 feet from the wall, with hula-hoops in front of them filled with small sized (soft) balls. Once a duck flies through on the screen, students will throw at the target using an overhand throwing motion. After the throw, students will pick up another ball out of the hula-hoop, and try again.


Link out to Video so you can show full screen


This could be a lesson on underhand throwing as well.

You can assign point value for the ducks.

Assessment Ideas:

Assess the students on the one critical element of stepping with the opposite foot.

Teaching Suggestions:

All of your feedback should be on the stepping of the opposite foot.

Remind the students to not hit the dog walking through.

Submitted by Drew Burris who teaches at La Monte R-IV in La Monte, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/8/2018.
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