Name/Title: Superhero Poses

Purpose of Event: To help children learn more about mirroring and matching (and some balancing) while mimicking the actions of superheroes in a video.

Prerequisites: Make sure you have taught kids about mirroring and matching in previous lessons.

Suggested Grade Level: K-2

Materials Needed: Superhero Poses video (see below), projector, and iPad.

Description of Idea

This is a great idea for a lead-up if teaching a dance as it shows students what it's like to mirror someone. Students loved the inclusion of these heroes.

Superheroes will come up on the screen/wall. Students will then mirror what the superhero is doing. When the new hero comes up, students will quickly change position. Or you can pause the video so they can go through this slowly and you can check their positions.


Have kids make up their own poses and have them make up a name of their own superhero.

Assessment Ideas:

Checklist for each hero to see if students correctly made the pose. Just list the pose and then the child's name if they did it.

Teaching Suggestions:

You don't have to use the entire video. Could just use half of it.

Pause the superhero on the screen so you can see how the kids are doing and it gives them time to think about it.

Can skip some of the poses if you think they are too hard for your kids.

Submitted by Drew Burris who teaches at La Monte R-IV in La Monte, MO. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 3/23/2016.
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