Name/Title: Line Dance Peer Evaluation Assessment

Purpose of Event: To help students improve their line dance performances and to work together with a partner.

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12

Materials Needed: Line Dance Peer Evaluation Assessment Score Sheet and writing utensils

Description of Idea

This assessment was used as a peer assessment tool. In my class, I not only used it so the students being assessed would see areas of improvement in their line dances, I also used it to evaluate the student evaluating the dancer. If they could correctly assess another peer then it showed me they knew the dance and all factors contributing to the success of the dance.

Students were given a peer to watch perform the 3 dances we learned during the week. During each dance the student would answer the following questions about the dancers performance. At the end they would total the dancer's score.

Line Dance Peer Evaluation Assessment Score Sheet

After the scores are received and noted I gave them back to the dancer so they could see improvements that needed to be made. I used this assessment as a grade for the person evaluating instead of the dancer. I used it as a grade for them because if they sincerely paid attention to the dance and completed the assessment correctly then cognitively they know the dance steps and everything else that will make the dance successful. If the individual assessing the dance just circled "yes" for each response then they probably did not pay close attention to the performance because this was only day 2 of learning these dances.

Submitted by Ashlei Lowman who teaches at East Burke High School in Connellys Springs, NC. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 10/20/2015.
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