Name/Title: Spelling Pursuit Tag

Purpose of Event: To help reinforce students spelling abilities while working on chasing, fleeing and dodging skills.

Prerequisites: It helps if the students are familiar with spelling words being used so make sure to get past spelling lists from the classroom teacher.

Suggested Grade Level: 2-3

Materials Needed: Spelling words written in advance onto 3x5 index cards/paper – one card per student. Enough yarn balls for 1/3 of the students in the class.

Description of Idea

As students enter the class, give them one index card with a spelling word written onto a 3 x 5 index card. You should collaborate with your classroom teacher in advance to get their weekly spelling list or other spelling words the students need to practice.

Choose 1/3 of the class to get a yarn ball to use as a soft object for tagging. Students with yarn balls are also holding (or it could be folded to be put into a child's pocket or in their palm of their hand) the index card with the spelling word on it.

Make sure the students are in good self space and the taggers with the yarn balls hold up their hands showing this. Upon hearing the go signal, start the tag game by asking the children to walk (use other locomotor movements like sliding, skipping, etc. -- no need to have them run). When someone is tagged the two players stop and face each other. Each player then asks the other to spell their word (conceal word on card) and help each other as needed. After each player in the pair spells each others word correctly, the two players exchange cards and the yarn ball and continue on with the tag game. This way each player will have a turn to be a tagger and will receive several different spelling words to practice during the activity.

Play about 3-4 minutes.


You could move the kids who get tagged to a special spell checker section outside the tagging area.

Assessment Ideas:

Teacher could monitor pairs of students practicing spelling words to check for accurate spelling and to facilitate feedback as needed.

Teaching Suggestions:

Make sure you use the Back to the Wall teaching technique during this activity so you can make sure kids are safe and do not have them run as most kids need to practice other locomotor skills.

Submitted by Dave Isenberg who teaches at Millville Elem in Millville, MA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/24/2015.
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