Name/Title: Understanding Health-Related Fitness Components

Purpose of Event: For students to understand which fitness component each physical fitness test is testing them on.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Understanding Health-Related Fitness Components Assessment Sheet

Description of Idea

This assessment would serve well to give to students before (so a pre-test) you teach them anything about physical fitness or the FitnessGram test. After you get the results, analyze them and that should better help you match fitness lessons to all of your kids in your class.

Student Directions: Students will match each FinessGram Physical Fitness Test to its appropriate health-related fitness component. Put the health components number beside the test that best fits.

Understanding Health-Related Fitness Components Assessment Sheet

Submitted by Bradley Hoback who teaches at Snow Creek Elementary in Penhook, VA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/15/2015.
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