Name/Title: Nascar Pacer/Grand Prix/California Baja

Purpose of Event: To get the students active as soon as they arrive at the door for class.

Prerequisites: Students must be aware of personal and general space while in motion.

Suggested Grade Level: K-5

Materials Needed: 1 Die, 4 cones and misc. mats (as success is obtained)

Description of Idea

As the students arrive a selected student rolls the die. If no additional "Brain Stretcher" is posted on the door, the students enter and begin to complete laps using a variety of locomotor skills equal to the number rolled on the die. Additional "Brain Stretchers" include
1. Today is Double Day
2. Today is Triple Day
3. Today add 6 and subtract 4
etc. to challenge the age of the students. Being from Ohio, if the student rolls a 4 (O-H-I-O) they can choose to change the locomotor skill anytime while doing the laps.
As the students improve the basic avoidance of others during the warm up, you can progress from the "oval" track to the "Grand Prix" track. This layout remains the same but introduces the figure 8. Now students have to avoid contact, and develop a good sense of timing as they approach the center of the track. Stopping is not an option, so they need good anticipation skills.
Adding mats and obstacles throughout the "Grand Prix" is what I call "California Baja." These items can be jumped or gone beneath as students travel around the gym. Very little set-up time is required and students enjoy the ultimate challenge. A video of my older students performing each track scenario helps to motivate younger students, who desperately want to "Baha"! Dude!" and help teach safe navigation of the course.

Assessment Ideas:

Locomotor skills can be assessed as student travel throughout the course.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

The basic open floor concept accommodates students who are physically challenged or chair bound. When adding the mats and "Grand Prix" format they should circle each obstacle.

Submitted by Dwayne Stacy who teaches at Highland Elementary School in Hamilton, OH. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 5/27/2015.
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