Name/Title: Monster Mash Dance

Purpose of Event: To help students get moving at the beginning of class .

Prerequisites: Understanding of self-space

Suggested Grade Level: K-5

Recommended music: Monster Mash by Sha Na Na

Beginning dance formation: Scattered formation in Personal Space

Description of Idea

This lesson idea includes four exercises, two of which are illustrated below (everyone is familiar with the other two - shoulder rolls and arm circles). The cues below help to see where the exercises fit in well with the music. (I used this during the month of October!).


Shoulder rolls Start of song

Jump Twist "He did the mash"

Arm Circles "The Zombees"

Alternate L’s "The Sea was rocking"

Jump Twist "They played the mash"

Arm Circles "Out from his coffin"

Jump Twist "It’s now the mash"

Alternate L’s "Now everything’s cool"

Alternate L's
Raise elbows up to straight across from each other. Bend one elbow down and the other up. Hold for 2 counts, then switch for 2 counts. Continue for as long as desired.

Jump Twists
Jump and twist from sde to side.

Submitted by Bunny Klein who teaches at Wright Elementary in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/19/2001.
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