Name/Title: Running Speeds with Dice

Purpose of Event: It is to help students understand the different speeds of running and then using that knowledge to pace themselves in a longer distance run.

Prerequisites: None

Suggested Grade Level: all

Materials Needed: 4" or 6" Plastic or Foam Dice

Description of Idea

Explain to the students that when a person runs, they run at a certain speed. We are going to learn how to run at different speeds today by using the dice to help us understand the different speeds.

Then explain that a level 1 (show the 1 on the dice) is a SLOW walk (lollygag or saunter) and demonstrate this speed. Next is level 2 (show the 2 on the dice) which is a normal walk speed. Demonstrate. Then speed 3 is power walk (walking with a purpose). Speed 4 is slow jog. Speed 5 is run (but not their fastest). Speed 6 is a sprint.

Start the students off with a level 1 walk and gradually increase the level as one sees that the students are grasping the concept.

Then after the demonstrative lesson, have the students run/walk around the gym or other lap course where the teacher or a student can roll the dice and have the students practice the different speeds with direct supervision.

Word of Caution: Depending on the size you your area you might have a couple of students demonstrate sprinting, but not have them actually sprint in the gym.

Assessment Ideas:

After having the students run all the levels, use the dice or one's own imagination to check for understanding of the levels of running switching between different levels.

Submitted by Debra Laulainen in Longview, WA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/6/2015.
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