Name/Title: Wordout

Academic content: language arts

Purpose of Event: To get students moving and engaged using different fitness activities and to introduce the idea of cardiorespiratory endurance.


Students should be able to read at a basic level
Students should be familiar with all or most of the fitness activities

Suggested Grade Level: 2-4

Materials Needed:

100-150 slips of paper with different activities on them (number of slips depends on how many students you have and the number of letters you want to provide)
20 buckets (could vary), 4 for the middle of the boundaries to put the slips of paper in, and the rest for each partner group to have a bucket (i.e. if you have 26 students you would need 13 buckets, 1 for each pair plus 4 for the middle)
polyspots (optional) 1 per pair, so students know where to stand
other equipment needed depends on activities you come up with

Physical activity: fitness

Description of Idea

Students are set up in pairs or a group of three is fine. They are set up in a rectangle formation. You will have a list of different fitness activities A-Z (an activity for each letter) that the students will have to perform. Four buckets with the activity slips will be in the center of the boundaries spread out evenly. Each pair of students will have a bucket at their designated spot. Students are instructed that one partner will go to the middle and grab a slip of paper from a bucket. They will perform that activity and once they have done so, they bring the slip of paper (with the given letter) back to their bucket. While one partner is doing the activity, the other partner remains by the bucket and writes the letter that was acquired on an assessment sheet. Then the other partner will go. Once time is up students will have a number of different letters written on the assessment sheet. They will be given a short amount of time to come up with different words or sentences with the letters they have collected. If enough time remains, students can share their words or sentences with the class.

A-Z Activity Ideas

J-Jumping Jacks! Do 10 Jumping Jacks
H-Hop! Hop on one foot 10 times
S-Star Jump! Do a star jump 5 times
E-Expert! Do an exercise you think you're the best at 10 times


If a student cannot perform or feels uncomfortable performing an activity, they will be instructed that they may put that letter back and pull out a different one

For younger kids, instead of a sentence describing the activity you could put a picture of the activity so they might understand it better

For older kids, your activities could be more advanced and difficult (whether it's more reps of a specific activity or a harder activity in general)

Assessment Ideas:

At the end of the lesson, inform the students about cardiorespiratory endurance, see if they know what it means and discuss it briefly. Then tell the students that you want them to go home and tell a parent, friend, or sibling how they can improve their cardiorespiratory endurance, giving them a hint that they could possibly tell them about some of the activities they just performed. Assess whether they did it or not in the next class.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

With this lesson, an adaptation could simply be having a variety of activities that a student with disabilities could perform. Depending on the disability, you would have to cater the A-Z activities to that child or children. Again, the student would have to option to not perform a certain activity if they didn't want to. They could simply keep pulling from the bucket until there was an activity they were able to perform.

Submitted by Kara Deutch in New Orleans, LA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 11/18/2015.
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