Name/Title: Chittick Champion Physical Education Class Rules

Purpose of Event: To have class rules that are related to a school theme.

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed:
Class Rules (Word Document form so you can change name of school)
Class Rules (PDF)

Description of Idea

This school year our school theme is Chittick Champions. Therefore, I came up with a way to get my classroom rules across to the students while including the school theme. I tell my students "Following the rules in PE will make us a Chittick CHAMPION"; the rules spell out CHAMPION. Below are what my rules look like. In addition they are presented in a Word document that you can download and change the name of the school so it fits your school.

Cooperation: Use teamwork and show good sportsmanship
Hands: Keep hands and body parts to ourselves
Attention: Enter and exit with a quiet body and voice
Motivate: Get excited to learn, exercise and have fun
Prepared: Always wear sneakers and proper clothes
Involvement: Always participate and give best effort
Others: Respect the teacher, environment and your classmates
Noise: Stop, Look and Listen on the whistle or music

Class Rules (Word Document form so you can change name of school)
Class Rules (PDF)

Assessment Ideas:

After reviewing the rules, I will say a letter and word that goes along with it (e.g. C or Cooperate). I then ask a student to define what that word means for the class rules.

Submitted by Matthew Randal who teaches at Murray A. Chittick Elementary School in East Brunswick, NJ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 9/8/2014.
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