Name/Title: Batting Assessment

Purpose of Event: To assess the proper form for batting a ball. Students may either peer-assess or the teacher may assess.

Prerequisites: Prior learning of batting form is required. May be used also for middle school age children.

Suggested Grade Level: 4-8

Materials Needed: Baseball bat, ball, batting tee. If the instructor chooses for peer-assessing, then one bat, one, ball, and one batting per group. Also, pencil, clipboard, and copies of this assessment are needed. Batting Assessment Document

Description of Idea

I use this assessment at the end of the unit as a whole-class assessment. I ask the students on the sidelines for their input on the student's performance. The student can have as many "tries" as the teacher sees fit.

At the end of the baseball/softball unit, the instructor can assess the proper batting form for each student. The instructor may have it as a whole-class assessment, where one student comes up to the batting tee at a time, or as a peer-assessment where teacher-assigned groups take turns assessing others.


Numerous tries.
Use a more appropriate size ball/bat.
Adjust height of batting tee for each student.

Submitted by Sallyann Shore who teaches at North penn school district in Earlington, PA. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 8/14/2014.
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