Name/Title: Volleyball Frenzy

Purpose of Event: To practice the previously learned skills in volleyball (setting, bumping, serving-overhand and underhand).

Prerequisites: Students should have learned how to bump, set, and serve (underhand/overhand).

Suggested Grade Level: 3-5

Materials Needed: Volleyballs, nets, a deck of playing cards, a written "key" hung up for students to double check what their activity is.

Description of Idea

Once students have learned how to bump, set, and serve (both underhand and overhand), this is a great activity to practice those skills. Spread playing cards out on the ground face down in a space where they will not get trampled (I do mine at the front of the gym where they are not near the nets). Have students get into partners with one ball and stand opposite of each other at the net. The partner without the ball goes and draws a card first. Each card type represents a certain skill that students must perform.

Spades=Serving (either underhand OR overhand)
Hearts=Exercise (the partners get to choose what exercise they would like to do).

Similarly, each card represents the number that the students must do. For example, a 7 of spades equals 7 serves back and forth. I make my face cards (king, queen, jack) all worth 10 and my aces worth 11. You could give them any value you wanted though.

Once the partners complete the number of skills/exercises, the 2nd partner goes and draws a card (making sure to put back the first card if they haven't already). If students do not know what their skill is, they can run up to the key posted on the wall to figure out their skill (this alleviates kids asking you over and over, "What skill is hearts/diamonds/spades/clubs?"


Can do this without a net for younger students. Could also use the net only for serving and have open space for the other skills.

Can use balloons, beach balls, trainer volleyballs or any other larger soft ball.

Assessment Ideas:

This is a great assessment tool. All students have full participation in the game so that a teacher can scan and perform skills assessments easily.

Teaching Suggestions:

I tell my students that if they draw a type of card 3x in a row to draw a different one. For example, if they draw diamonds for the 3rd time, put it back and draw until you get a different skill.

I also make sure my students are all standing the same distance from the net no matter what skill they are performing. This helps students to avoid getting hit with a ball (i.e., an uncontrollable overhand serve).

If space is small, designate specific areas in the gym for each skill to help alleviate safety concerns.

Have a poster on the wall naming and showing different exercises for students to choose if they can't think of anything to do.

Adaptations for Students with Disabilities:

Take out face cards and aces to eliminate the cards without numbers and the higher values. You could focus on only one skill to do each round. Whatever card they pull, they are only looking at the number.

Submitted by Alissa Clark who teaches at Canandaigua Elementary in Victor, NY. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 2/24/2015.
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