Name/Title: Pickleball Combination Drill

Purpose of Event: To integrate the double bounce rule with the serve, a ground stroke, and a volley.

Prerequisites: In previous lessons, serving practice should have been implemented. The forehand shot and volleying practice should also have been introduced. If they were not, a student should have a familiarity with the components of striking (opposite foot forward, hip rotation, follow-through to the opposite shoulder and eye on object).

Suggested Grade Level: 9-12

Materials Needed:
2 Pickleballs per net
2 Paddles per net

Description of Idea

The quirky double bounce rule sets the game of Pickleball apart from other sports. To integrate this rule, as well as to continue to improve the skills of the basic serve, drive shot, and volley, I developed this lesson.

There are three hits in the drill: the serve, the ground stroke, and the volley.

Player 1 (P1) serves the ball over the net to player 2 (P2), who catches the ball in their hands. P1 who is remaining in the backcourt, receives a one hop toss from P2. P1 uses a ground stroke (designated by the teacher) to drive the ball back over to P2. Immediately after hitting the ground stroke, P1 will attack the net to the no-volley zone. P2, after catching the groundstroke, will attempt to throw the ball past P1. P1 will attempt to volley the ball back to P2. At this point the drill sequence is over. There will be two pairs of players completing the drill on each court.


I'd rather not do this with two pairs of players on each court, but sometimes space constraints force this. Ideally, one pair per net is used. I've had 3 kids do this with two strikers and one catcher. Each striker goes through the entire 3 hit sequence, with P3 staying well out of harm's way.

Teaching Suggestions:

Look for the following when teaching.


Parallel stance when stationed at no-volley line
Hands up in a neutral position
"Catch" ball with little or no backswing


Opposite foot forward with serve and drive
Follow through to opposite shoulder with serve/drive

Submitted by Bill MacDougall who teaches at Churchill Junior High School in East Brunswick, NJ. Thanks for contributing to PE Central! Posted on PEC: 7/25/2014.
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